Czech national concert band

Czech national concert band was established in spring 2017. The first concert took place in the Concert hall Přelouč on the 7th of May 2017 under the leadership of conductor Václav Blahunek. The main mission of the Czech national concert band is the promotion of Czech symphonic music in Czechia and abroad. The orchestra consists of great young players of winds, brass and percussion instruments from all regions of the Czech Republic. The orchestra was established on the basis of similar projects that are very common in western Europe and in the USA and that represent culture of the individual countries and regions.

The orchestra cooperates with prominent Czech and foreign soloists and conductors. The mission of the orchestra is not only concrete but it also has the educational meaning.

Since August 2017 the orchestra has been registered as an association. Several times a year we meet and rehearse difficult repertory that we then perform at our concerts or fetivals. The orchestra cooperates with the Artistic and Music school in Přelouč. On the premisis of this school all the rehearsals and trainings take place.

The project is under the auspices of the Union of Musicians of the Czech Republic. The artistic guarantor is the chamber Philharmonic of Pardubice whosen members permanently coopeerate with our orchestra.

Where we performed so far: 

16. 10. 2022 – Pardubice (CZ), Music house, Concert of Czech National Concert Band together with Wind Orchestra of the Béla Bartók Faculty of Arts, University of Szeged, Conductors: Václav Blahunek, József Csikota, solists: Jan Buček (Trumpet), Ondřej Toman (Clarinet), Kateřina Soukupová (French horn)
9. 9. 2022 – Nový Bydžov (CZ), Jirásek theather, conductor Václav Blahunek, solist: Jan Perný (Trombone), Jan Buček (Trumpet), Ondřej Toman (Clarinet), Kateřina Soukupová (French horn)  
30. 7. 2022 –  Kerkrade (NL), World Music Contest – Gold in 2nd division,
conductor Václav Blahunek
22. 7. 2022 – Prague (CZ), Žofín palace, concert on the world conference WASBE, conductors Václav Blahunek, Joop Boerstoel, Alan Mills,
21. 7. 2022 – Prague (CZ), Žofín palace,  Composition contest, conductor Václav Blahunek
21. 6. 2022 – Prague (CZ), Prague conservatory hall, conductor Václav Blahunek
15. 5. 2022 – Hradec Králové, Katedrála sv. ducha, dirigent Václav Blahunek
19. 2. 2022 – Beroun (CZ), KD Plzeňka, Performance after the conducting workshop of festival Talichův Beroun, conductor Václav Blahunek, trombone solo Jan Perný
16.10.2021  – Pardubice (CZ), Music house, International Big Band Festival, conductor Jaroslav Šíp
25. 9. 2021 – Conducting workshop in Dačice (CZ) conductor Jaroslav Šíp
22. 9. 2021 – Prague (CZ), Spanish Hall of the Prague Castle, conductor Václav Blahunek
11. 9. 2020 – Nový Bydžov (CZ), Jirásek theater, conductor Václav Blahunek, French horn solo Kateřina Javůrková
1. 12. 2019 – Chrast u Chrudimi (CZ), Christmas concert, conductor Václav Blahunek
30. 11. 2019 – Lázně Bohdaneč (CZ) , Christmas concert, conductor Václav Blahunek
11. 5. 2019 – Prague (CZ), Prague castle, conductor Jaroslav Šíp
13. 4. 2019 – Riva del Garda (ITA), Flicorno d’Oro, international band competition – 2. place, conductor Václav Blahunek
12. 4. 2019 – Letro (ITA) Conductor Václav Blahunek
21. 3. 2019 – Prague (CZ), Czech national bank hall, conductor Václav Blahunek
16. 2. 2019 – Prague (CZ), Hotel Pyramida, conductor Václav Blahunek, tuba solo Jakub Chmelař (State opera Prague)
8. 9. 2018 – Strakonice (CZ), conductor Václav Blahunek
7. 9. 2018 – Nový Bydžov (CZ), Jirásek theater, conductor Václav Blahunek, soprano solo Nikola Uramová
17. – 21. 8. 2018 – Makó (HUN), WASBE conference, conductor Petr Stříška, Jozsef Csikota
19. 5. 2018 – Prague (CZ), Rudolfinum Dvořák Hall, conductor Václav Blahunek
12. 5. 2018 – Prague (CZ), Prague castle, conductor Václav Blahunek
25. 3. 2018 – Rtyně v Podkrkonoší (CZ), Orlovna hall, conductor Václav Blahunek
17. 2. 2018 – Prague (CZ), Hotel Pyramida, conductor Václav Blahunek, Jozsef Csikota, trombone solo Lukáš Moťka (Czech philharmonic), Martin Chmelař (Prague Castle Guard and Police Wind Orchestra)
22. 10. 2017 – Pardubice (CZ), Music house, conductor Václav Blahunek, Jaroslav Šíp, trombone solo Tomáš Pavíček, trumpet solo Martin Maroul, Piano Adéla Černíková
7. 5. 2017 – Přelouč (CZ), Concert Hall, conductor Václav Blahunek, tuba solo: Jakub Chmelař (State opera Prague), flute solo: Zuzana Besuchová